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Find Laminate Flooring in Ocean City, Maryland

Laminate is an affordable flooring option that’s growing in popularity as flooring technology improves. It’s made using a layered construction, in which slices of compressed wood are glued together to create a plank. At the top is a durable finish layer that’s ultra wear and slip-resistant. This finish protects a wood look decorative layer below that gives the floor it’s beautiful hardwood appearance. If you’re looking for quality laminate flooring, visit Homeworks Carpet One Floor & Home in Ocean City, MD.



Laminate vs. Hardwood

While at the surface level laminate looks almost identical to hardwood, it’s actually made using a completely different construction. For example, solid hardwood floors are created by using a single slice of premium wood like maple, oak, or hickory. Laminate has a layered design that’s created from composite wood. The hardwood imagery in laminate is generated through high definition photography. Laminate is more budget-friendly and moisture-resistant than natural hardwood. It also requires less upkeep over time.




Laminate Installation

In addition to its strength and affordability, laminate is simple and quick to install. It can be put in as a floating floor that easily click-locks together like puzzle pieces over your subfloor. This also means that laminate is easier to repair and replace as a floor. You can install laminate throughout your home and it also works well in light-use business spaces. We even have waterproof laminate flooring options for kitchens and other high-moisture rooms.




Our Laminate Selection

We’re your local flooring store offering one of the best laminate flooring selections around. We’re also members of the Carpet One cooperative, which gives us more buying power with suppliers. This means we can pass lower laminate flooring prices onto you, while also staying locally owned. If you’re tired of shopping at big box stores for your flooring, we encourage you to vist us!





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