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Hardwood Flooring Store in Ocean City, MD

Hardwood flooring is one of the oldest and most common types of flooring. It is a staple in many homes due to its timeless beauty and the unique looks it offers. With more types and products of hardwood on the market now than ever, today’s homeowners have a plethora of options to choose from to add to and elevate their homes. At Homeworks Carpet One Floor & Home in Ocean City, Maryland, we are here to help you find the best hardwood flooring for you and your home. Hardwood flooring is a great option for a variety of homes and especially those with children and pets because of its durability and easiness to clean. With such a humid climate like ours, it’s important to factor in how traditional hardwood flooring will react – by shrinking or expanding – in your home, which is why we carry a selection of engineered hardwood flooring that gives you the same benefits of hardwood while also being able to withstand moisture and protect against these weather-related fluctuations. With so many hardwood flooring options to consider it’s easy to get bogged down, which is why at Homeworks Carpet One Floor & Home we’ve created an easy guide to determine if hardwood flooring is right for you.



Types of Hardwood

Hardwood flooring had long been the traditional flooring choice for homes everywhere, its versatility and beauty add a sense of style and luxury to any room. There are many aspects of hardwood flooring to consider when looking to add it to your home, including the length, width, grain, and finish. Luckily there are a lot of wood species that allow for a diverse range of options. Classic woods include oak, maple, and pine, while species like mahogany and cherry are more exotic types that are sure to make a statement. Not only do the different species of wood have different color and grain variations, but they also have varying levels of strength and hardness that will determine if they’re the right fit for you. Thankfully, we not only carry a large variety of different hardwoods but also have experts to help find the best one for you.



Solid Hardwood vs Engineered Hardwood

There are two types of hardwood flooring on today’s market: solid and engineered. Solid hardwood flooring is your classic hardwood flooring that has been around for centuries, whereas engineered hardwood flooring adds a level of protection against moisture and changing climates. Keeping our region’s very humid climate in mind, engineered hardwood flooring is a great option to consider.


Solid hardwood flooring had been around for centuries and is one of the most common floors out there. Solid hardwood flooring is made from single pieces of hardwood and is usually ¾ inches thick, allowing for it to be refinished several times in its lifetime. This long-term investment isn’t only durable but increases the value of your home. It is important to keep in mind however that solid hardwood is susceptible to warming and moisture, so it is important to consider your climate, as well as make sure to install it in dry rooms on or above grade.


Engineered hardwood flooring is a manufactured version of hardwood that is made of multiple layers of natural wood and resin that are pressed together in a dense, crossed-grained composition that allows them to ward off moisture and warping while still giving an identical appearance to solid hardwood flooring. Because of its composition, engineered hardwood is more stable and water-resistant allowing it to be installed in below-grade rooms such as basements. Unlike solid hardwood flooring, engineered hardwood cannot be refinished most of the time, but are more environmentally sustainable since they use fewer trees per plank than solid.




How Does Humidity Affect Hardwood?

Given our humid climate, it is important to factor in how humidity affects hardwood. Hardwood flooring is a beautiful, long-term flooring option for homes so long as it’s installed and cared for properly during its lifetime. Moisture caused by humidity can play a big role in how your hardwood floors perform and last. Because wood naturally draws in moisture, the planks can warp over time from the moisture by expanding and contracting. It is important to factor in your home’s relative humidity before selecting and installing hardwood flooring since both high and low humidity levels can affect your floor. Higher humidity can cause your planks to absorb moisture and then warp or swell, while lower humidity can cause your boards to shrink, resulting in gapping, splintering, or splitting. To manage these issues best it is important to maintain a consistent humidity level year-round at ideally 42%. Tools to determine your relative humidity levels include a humidistat or hygrometer to keep a close watch on your home’s climate room to room.




Hardwood Flooring Installation

Ensuring your hardwood flooring is installed properly can play a big role in its performance and lifetime, which is why we at Homeworks Carpet One Floor & Home understand the significance of hardwood flooring installation. For solid hardwood floors consider installing them on or above-grade in dry rooms, such as in bedrooms and living rooms to maximize your hardwoods potential. For engineered hardwood floors you can install them anywhere you would normally install solid hardwood plus in below-grade, moisture-prone rooms such as your kitchen and basement. Our in-house team of installers will ensure your installation goes smoothly and leave you with floors that will last a lifetime.



Our Hardwood Flooring Selection

Here at Homeworks Carpet One Floor & Home, we offer a wide variety of solid and engineered hardwood flooring and carry plenty of popular brands including Naturally Aged Flooring, Provenza, Mirage, Shaw, Mohawk, Karastan, and Mannington. With such a wide selection come down to our showroom to talk to an expert or browse our hardwood flooring inventory online today.




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Caring for Hardwood Floors

Even your hardwood floors need some TLC! It is important to stay on top of maintenance and use the correct products to extend the life and beauty of your hardwood flooring.




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